Kruizenga Archery

Kruizenga Archery was started in 1993 when Garrett Kruizenga and his son, Mark, opened a small store on West Main just inside of Van Buren County.  The retail store was an extension of the Kruizenga family love for the sport of archery and bowhunting.  Garrett had been selling bows, arrows, and accessories out his home in Marshall in the early 50’s.  When they opened Kruizenga Archery in 1993, the original store was only 350 square feet.

Garrett Kruizenga had been one of the lucky ones to know and have Fred Bear as a friend, so it was only natural that the Fred Bear line of equipment was the first line he offered for sale out of that place in Marshall.  The whole Kruizenga family was into the sport of archery, so Mark grew up learning archery and the hunting lifestyle.  The family tradition continues, as Mark, his wife Theresa and his boys are all active in the sport and continue to teach and introduce kids to archery and bowhunting.

The modest store started in 1993 and is now at over 4000 square feet.  It is most definitely bigger on the inside than from the outside.  Kruizenga Archery is currently carrying 8 lines of compound bow lines, over 9 crossbow lines, and almost every major brand of accessories including:  arrows, sights, trigger, stabilizers, targets, and everything you need for you bow hunting and archery needs.  On-site technical support, repair, set up, and warranty work is available 7 days a week with over 50 years of combined experience at your service.

Kruizenga Archery also offers a full size 12 lane 20 yards indoor range and have targets up to 50 yards on their outdoor target range for all types of bows and crossbows.  Kruizenga Archery will also let you test shoot bows on the indoor range. They also offer a complete service repair center, including string/cable replacement, tuning, arrow repair and complete bow set up and sighting in (Free if purchased from Kruizenga Archery).  Kruizenga Archery also holds adult winter leagues 3D leagues and kid’s leagues on Saturday mornings, and as always, kids under 16 shoot for FREE in open range time.

Kruizenga Archery

Kruizenga Archery is a Factory Authorized Service Center for:













Repair, restringing, tuning, and warranty work are all done on site by Mark Kruizenga or his partner Mick.

Kruizenga Archery

24780 M-43
Mattawan, MI

(269) 668-3014

Hours of Business
Mon - Thur: 10AM - 7PM
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